Company Overview

Our core philosophy is to produce an overall outstanding experience with DSI by supplying the best performing, highest quality specialty fluids and lubricants on the market to meet your needs and demands 100% of the time.

DSI Ventures, Inc. is an ISO 9001-2008 certified manufacturer and marketer of highly biodegradable lubricants and electrical insulating products.  Our product line includes lubricating products for a large number of applications. We specialize in applications that require the best environmental, lubricating and heat transfer properties. 

Our Tradition of Innovation and Commitment to the Future

circuit-board1In 1994, DSI introduced the newest generation of functional fluids by developing synthetic oils to replace petroleum and silicone based fluids.

Since that time, DSI has continued to lead the industry in the development and application of new insulating oils.  We now manufacture products for a wide variety of applications, including fire resistant and highly biodegradable oils;  fluids that flow at extremely cold temperatures (down to – 80o C.); and fluids for equipment operating at high temperatures.

Our products combine excellent physical and heat transfer characteristics with environmental safety and stability.  Working with customers and suppliers, DSI has developed products which surpass the world’s highest safety requirements.

DSI products can be used by all equipment manufacturers with no change in manufacturing techniques or materials.  Our insulating fluids have been widely specified and accepted by customers worldwide. Meeting higher standards and more rigorous performance requirements without sacrificing ease of use and economy present new challenges.  DSI Ventures is prepared to meet those challenges with our commitment to research and innovation, by developing new materials and expanding our selection of solutions for our customers’ problems. We look forward to serving you!