Eco Anti-Wear R&O Fluid™

Eco Anti-Wear R&O FluidSwitch to ECO Highly Biodegradable Antiwear Lubricant and lower your environmental liability.

DSI’s Highly Biodegradable, no-sheen Antiwear Lubricants can offer dramatic protection against bearing wear, rust & oxidation. Used to lubricate motor and pump bearings, turbines, compressors and other applications that require enhanced lubrication and environmental sensitivity.

ECO Lubricants are made from carefully chosen synthetic esters for the ultimate in heat and wear resistance.

ECO Antiwear Lubricants last longer in service than other oils. This lowers your lubricant costs. It lowers your oil disposal costs. It lowers your maintenance costs. And you can lower your equipment failure rate with ECO Highly Biodegradable Antiwear Lubricant.

Our products are over-built. They have an extra concentrations of friction-fighting compounds that bond with and protect metal surfaces. ECO Highly Biodegradable Antiwear Lubricants are highly resistant to shear and wear. They outperform ordinary oils at extreme temperatures. ECO Highly Biodegradable Antiwear Lubricants stick, they cling, and they adhere to metal surfaces.

The additives used in ECO Highly Biodegradable Synthetic Antiwear Lubricant not only reduce friction, but coat your gears with antiwear, R&O (antirust) and mild EP protection. Try DSI ECO Highly Biodegradable Antiwear Lubricant Today. Don’t wait to start protecting your equipment with a higher level of security.


ECO Highly Biodegradable Synthetic Antiwear Lubricants are recommended for

  • Pumps
  • Compressors
  • Turbines
  • Hydraulic applications anywhere the risk to the environment must be minimized.
  • Marine applications
  • Wind energy applications
  • Offshore drilling lubricant needs

Available in ISO 32, 68, and 150 viscosity grades.


  • Almost completely biodegradable.
  • Passes the world’s most strict environmental quality tests.
  • Protects your equipment with extra friction fighters, anti-oxidants and metal passivators.
  • Has a high Viscosity Index of an oil to help cushion and lubricate metal surfaces better.

Available in:

5 gallon pails 55 gallon drums, 275 gallon totes.

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