Eco Gear Oil™

Eco Gear OilNow you can get proven equipment protection in a highly biodegradable gear oil from DSI Ventures, Inc.

ECO Gear Oils are made from advanced vegetable oils and synthetic esters.  They biodegrade more completely and rapidly in standard tests than normal lubricants do.   In fact, they are almost completely biodegradable!

ECO oils don’t leave a sheen on seawater, either.

ECO Gear Oils are highly resistant to shear and wear.  They outperform ordinary oils at extreme temperatures.  ECO lubricants stick, they cling, and they adhere to metal surfaces.  They don’t sling or wash off.


  • Enclosed Heavily loaded gears


  • Highly biodegradable formula is nontoxic to fish, shrimp and other marine life.  No-sheen formulas are available.

Available in:

  • 5 gallon (19 l.) pails, 55 gallon (205 l.) drums, & 275 gallon totes.

AGMA 90 Wt, ISO 220, 440, 600 & 1000 viscosities available.

Features & Benefits:

  • Improved Gear Efficiency
  • Resists Oxidation & breakdown
  • Controls   Corrosion
  • Compatible with Gear seals
  • Excellent EP protection
  • Extra sticky & tacky

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