Eco Hydraulic Fluid™

Eco Hydraulic FluidECO Hydraulic Oil minimizes the risk to the environment. And it protects your equipment. ECO Hydraulic Oils meet the world’s strictest standards for environmental impact as well.

Years of testing and field use have shown that highly biodegradable lubricants can lower spill cleanup costs and environmental fines dramatically. ECO lubricants are made from highly biodegradable esters and vegetable seed oils, for the ultimate in heat and wear resistance.

Our products are over-built. They have an extra concentrations of friction-fighting compounds that bond with and protect metal surfaces. ECO Hydraulic Oils are highly resistant to shear and wear. They outperform ordinary oils at extreme temperatures. ECO Lubricants stick, they cling, and they adhere to metal surfaces. They don’t sling or wash off.

The additives used in ECO Hydraulic Oils not only reduce friction, but coat hydraulic system with antiwear and antirust protection. Try DSI ECO Synthetic Hydraulic Fluid. Don’t wait to start protecting the environment and your equipment with a higher level of security.


ECO Hydraulic Lubricants are recommended for use in all hydraulic systems where the risk to the environment must be minimized.

Available in ISO 32, 68 grades.


  • Very highly biodegradable.
  • Does not leave a sheen when spilled on seawater.
  • Protects your equipment with friction fighters, anti-oxidants and metal passivators.

Available in:

  • 5 gallon (19 l.) pails and 55 gallon (205 l.) drums.

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