Eco Slide-Lube™

Eco Slide-LubeOur biodegradable Eco Slide Lubricant is used for a wide range of metal on metal sliding applications in environmentally sensitive areas. This lubricant adheres to the metal surfaces to prevent washing off, melting off or slinging off in the operation of the equipment.

ECO Highly Biodegradable Slide Lubricant is a highly biodegradable oil for lubricating all types of metal to metal sliding applications in environmentally sensitive applications. ECO Biodegradable Slide Lubricant provides outstanding protection against wear in your equipment while minimizing adverse environmental impact. It’s fortified with additives that protect against rust and oxidation (R&O), too.

ECO Slide Lubricant is proven to biodegrade in field environments. Made from vegetable base oils and highly biodegradable synthetic esters, ECO Biodegradable Slide Lubricants are stable during use, yet break down easily in case of accidental spill to the environment. ECO Biodegradable Antiwear has proven itself in field and laboratory tests. The base oils are almost 100% biodegradable in standard laboratory tests.

ECO Biodegradable Slide Lubricant is available in ISO 68 viscosity grade, which is comparable to SAE 30-weight motor oil or 80-weight gear oil.


  • Biodegradable metal on metal sliding applications

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