Eco Wireline Lubricant™

Eco Wireline LubricantECO Biodegradable Wireline Lubricant is a heavy-duty anti-wear lubricant that meets the world’s most stringent environmental standards! ECO Wireline Lubricant penetrates strands of wire rope, protecting them from excessive wear and premature failure. The fluid provides outstanding anti-wear protection, lubricity and protection for injection units and cable lubricators while minimizing adverse environmental impact.

Made from a blend of highly biodegradable vegetable base oils and carefully chosen additives, ECO Wireline Lubricants have antirust additives that protect wire ropes in wet conditions or during storage. It is sticky and tacky, minimizing splash and spray during operation. ECO Wireline Lubricant is stable during use, yet breaks down easily in case of accidental spill to the environment. The base oil used to make ECO Wireline Lubricant is more than 96% biodegradable in standard tests, making it “readily biodegradable” per international standards.

ECO Biodegradable Wireline Lubricant is available in ISO 68, 220, 460, 680, and 1500 viscosity grades.


  • Biodegradable wire and cable applications

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