EP Marine Grease™

EP Marine GreaseDSI EP Marine Grease is a white, rich aluminum complex grease made for applications where environmental risk must be minimized. Jacking systems, offshore drilling rigs, and other marine applications can all benefit from the use of DSI EP Marine Grease. EP Marine Grease is made from a high temperature aluminum complex which makes it ideal in these applications.

DSI EP Marine Grease is a sticky, adhesive grease that stays where it’s put. It resists water washout extremely well. It doesn’t sling off of moving parts. This grease stays on to protect your equipment.

DSI EP Marine Grease is ideal for use on all types of slow moving gears.


  • Grease applications in or near water


Very protective and clings to your equipment. Won’t wash or sling off. Stays where it’s put with a protective layer of lubricants and additives. Environmentally friendly.

Available in:

Cases of 50×1 lb. tubes, 35 lb (5 gallon) pails and 390 lb (55 gallon) drums.

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