Eco-C Fluid™

Eco-C FluidECO-C Fluid is an insulating oil for use in power capacitors and fluid-filled power
transmission cables. ECO-C is made from low viscosity, highly biodegradable
synthetic hydrocarbons. It is treated with special aromatic chemical additives to
raise the dielectric constant for enhanced sharing of voltage stress and to improve
hydrogen absorption under electrical stress.

Epoxide and phenolic inhibitors are used to prevent oxidation and damage from ionization discharges. Its’ low viscosity permits fast and thorough impregnation of porous insulating materials. ECO-C can be used in the most environmentally sensitive applications for power cables. It is non-toxic, non-hazardous, and highly biodegradable (>93% biodegradable in standard CECL33a testing).

Additionally, ECO-C is more highly biodegradable and environmentally friendly than conventional cable fluids or transformer oils. ECO-C is not toxic to aquatic marine life as well and the fluid’s low viscosity give it excellent cooling characteristics. It is thermally stable, and works in a wide temperature range.


  • Power Cables
  • Capacitors

Technical Literature

  • Product Data Sheet (under revision)
  • Material Safety Data Sheet (under revision)